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Billing Address:

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What purpose is your website to serve?

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Do you need Graphic Designing services?

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Redesign / Rebuild:

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Existing Site:

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Need Improvement:

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Content Or Rework:

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Competitor #1:

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Website address:

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Differently / Better:

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Competitor # 2:

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Website address:

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Differently / Better:

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Competitor # 3:

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Website address:

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Differently / Better:

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When you look at the design of websites in general, not just your competition:

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List websites that have a look and feel that appeals to you:

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List websites with design elements do you like:

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Please list any design choices you don’t want to be included?

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yourself/ your business?

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Who is your ideal client/your target market? Who is your message intended for?

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Looking Website:

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A “call to action” provides direction to your site visitors. What do you want the site visitor to do when they land on your home page?

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It can be hard to know where to start when planning a website. Here are a couple of free tools you may find useful as you consider your website structure, page elements and prepare content:

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How many different page layouts will you need?

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Please list any features you would like

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If this is an online store, what shopping cart solution will you be using?

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How many products?

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Do you need to charge tax?

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Are you selling digital downloads?

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What method of shipping are you using?

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Shipping by Weight?

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How will you accept payments?

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Is the content already created for this site?

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Do you have photos, graphics, and artwork?

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How will you accept payments?

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Will the site include video?

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Do you intend to update the website content yourself or will you need ongoing updates from us?

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Will you require monthly maintenance such as cache clean-up and plugin updates, etc?

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